About Us

Richelle Sarmiento Shah is the founder of Doodles & Jewels. She and her husband Rasesh have a set of twins – Ramey and Ramji.

After the birth of their twins and realizing that kids grow up so fast, Richelle wanted to create a way to celebrate and capture their childhood into something that lasts forever. She believes that by transforming children’s doodles or love notes into jewelry, Doodles & Jewels clients will be able to wear a piece of their children’s childhood close to their heart every day.

When she was 13, she would often visit one of her aunts to see her jewelry collection and hoped that one day, she’ll have a collection like hers. When she was in college, she enjoyed selling cosmetics to her room mates, family and friends. Her entrepreneurial spirit, love of jewelry and engineering background made it natural for her to create Doodles & Jewels.

Richelle has two aspirations for Doodles & Jewels. With the Doodles, she hopes to create the largest online sharing platform of kids’ doodles where moms can upload their child’s drawing while giving them the opportunity to transform their favorite doodle into a sentimental piece of jewelry. With the Jewels, she hopes to give every woman a way to empower and express herself in a manner that is timeless and elegant.