1. What is your return policy?
ANSWER: All custom-made and personalized items are non-refundable.
Other items are refundable within 14 days of ship date undamaged and in the
original packaging. Customer is responsible for return shipping and handling.

2. Why is there a $119 non-refundable deposit for Doodles to Jewels orders? 
ANSWER: The deposit is the fee to create a sketch and 3D design of your doodle, drawing, love note or idea. If you forgot to pay your deposit click here to continue payment of your deposit. 

3. What is a resin?
ANSWER: Below is an example of a wax resin sample of your custom art to review and approve.

4. What is a 3D render?
ANSWER: Below is an example of a 3D render of your custom art.

5. How Doodles to Jewels process work? 
 Please refer to the three simple steps at the Doodles to Jewels page. 
You can choose the type of jewelry you want to transform your doodle into: ring, pendant, necklace, earrings, key chain etc. 

6. What kind of metals can I choose from? 
ANSWER: Gold - 10K,14K,18K available in yellow, white and rose gold an Sterling Silver.

7. What type of jewelry can I customize? 
ANSWER: You can choose from a bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings. 

8. What do I do after I submit my Doodles to Jewels submission?
ANSWER: Upon submission, you'll receive an email with additional instructions, reminders, and next steps. You will also need to submit a nonrefundable deposit of $119. We cannot proceed until a deposit has been secured. 

9. What happens after I've approved the quote?
ANSWER: Once you have approved the quote we will begin production and your one-of a-kind jewelry will be shipped to you within 10 -14 business days.

10. What if I don't know my ring size? 
ANSWER: Send us an e-mail at with the title "Ring Sizer" and provide us your name and address and we will send you a complimentary ring sizer via USPS.